Coastal Adventures

We have tried on at least five occasions to see Hooded Plovers, alas, with no success. These tiny coastal birds face multiple threats in their native beach-front nesting habitats, including dogs, horseback riding, beach goers, and erosion, so we thought that we would never see them before they went extinct. However, with some recent excellent intel, we bucked that trend and finally found them at Point Roadknight near Anglesea along the Great Ocean Road.

Hooded Plover
Pacific Gull
Tidal pools
Tourist between waves and Crested Terns

After a pit stop along the remarkably quiet Camp Road in the Anglesea Hinterlands, where the highlights were (as usual) Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos and Gang-gang Cockatoos, we made our way back to the birding Mecca of the Western Treatment Plant.

Male and female Gang Gang Cockatoos

We visit the ‘Poo Farm’ about six times a year and it just never disappoints. I’ve written many posts on our visits to the 100sq km refuge, so in this post, the photos will speak for themselves. Enjoy!

Australasian Shovelers, Grey Teals, Pink-eared Ducks
Cape Barren Geese
Little Egret
Black Kite
Stunning view
Banded Stilt and Black-winged Stilt
Australian Spotted Crake
Golden-headed Cisticola
Brown Falcon
Zebra Finch
Black Kites
Size comparison Little Pied Cormorant, Little Black Cormorant, Pied Cormorant, Australian Pelican, and Silver Gull
Swamp Harrier a split second before it flushed
Australian Hobby
No Orange-bellied Parrots in sight

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