Grey Goshawk-ing on the Great Ocean Road

It was clear that this was a stunning bird – its angel-like flight pattern of spreading it wings, its bone white feathers, its bright yellow talons, and its mesmerising stare.


Also-rans: 2017 birding roundup

2017 was a busy year (aren’t they always?) so I didn’t get around to writing trip reports for every bird outing. That’s not to say that we didn’t do a respectable amount of birding though, because looking back at the photos, we had some fantastic experiences! Here is my promise to you, Constant Reader: shorter…

Great Ocean Road Wildlife Bonanza

As a birder, you have no doubt felt the crushing disappointment of a ‘dip’: you read consecutive reports of sightings in the area, you psyched yourself up, you left home at an ungodly hour with a full tank of petrol, you drove 200km in terrible weather conditions, and not only were your target species elusive,…