Brisbane Birding Bonanza

I looked up at the tallest tree ahead at the edge of a small clearing in the forest, and there, bathed in glorious, golden afternoon light, was the Pacific Baza! I could have cried in elation, having gone in a split second from dejection to unbridled joy.

Gold Coast Bird Watching

As we followed the winding road higher and higher into the mountains, our guide suddenly called out to the driver “STOP!”. We quickly pulled over to a clearing overlooking a valley, and she said “Pheasant Coucal! Look there”, pointing to a tree not 4m away from the bus.

Also-rans – Part 3 (Bunyip, Serendip, Avalon, Woodlands)

This is the third post in a series about short, ad-hoc, unrewarding, or repeat birding trips. As always, we had lots of fun being outdoors, and we have a few not-so-good photos that are worth sharing. Bunyip State Park – October 2014, March 2015 Bunyip State Park is probably one of the most diverse parks that we…

End of year birding: Day 3 – You Yangs and Serendip Sanctuary

In the dying days of 2014, Imka and I planned three birding day-trips to try to push our year’s total to 175. Based on our online research and advice from other birders on the ‘Victorian Birders Facebook Group’, we decided on the following strategic outings, each of which is covered in an independent blog post: Day 1: Seymour…