Dam Diamond Doves

Finally, after almost 3hrs of waiting, a small flock of Diamond Doves flew in – success! Their red-ringed eyes were very apparent, and after a quick sip of water, they flew back to an overhanging branch, before disappearing into the bush. The entire interaction lasted about 20s – still, the 3hr wait was worth it!


Budgie Trillers in Kamarooka

Long weekends in our house mean one thing: birding road trip! So when reports of a pair of Budgerigars along Camp Road in Kamarooka coincided with the AFL Grand Final weekend, we knew where we would be spending the Saturday. By 8:30am on the cloudy morning we were already driving up and down Bendigo-Tennyson Road…

Also-rans – Part 3 (Bunyip, Serendip, Avalon, Woodlands)

This is the third post in a series about short, ad-hoc, unrewarding, or repeat birding trips. As always, we had lots of fun being outdoors, and we have a few not-so-good photos that are worth sharing. Bunyip State Park – October 2014, March 2015 Bunyip State Park is probably one of the most diverse parks that we…