Hunting a Hunting Osprey

An hour later, my patience paid off: the bird bobbed its head from side to side like a professional boxer, stared intently at the river below, locked on to a target with laser-sight precision, raised its wings, and flew towards the river below.


Superb parrots in Wunghnu

Imka and I are originally from Trinidad and Tobago: a twin-island republic in the southern Caribbean. The larger island of Trinidad is approximately 5,000 sq km in area (roughly 100km by 50km), and the longest stretch of freeway is 45km long. So imagine how awestruck we were when we had just moved to Australia and made our…

Also-rans – Part 1

I don’t write a blog post about every birding outing because I just can’t write quickly enough. It’s not that we bird every second day, but I just can’t seem to find enough time to download and edit photos while crafting a semi-interesting account of our adventures, many of which are uneventful and disappointing due to the…