Also-rans: 2018 birding roundup

This was perhaps one of the most memorable birding days out we have ever done: perfect weather, mindblowing vistas, and incredibly abundant and diverse wildlife.

Grey Goshawk-ing on the Great Ocean Road

It was clear that this was a stunning bird – its angel-like flight pattern of spreading it wings, its bone white feathers, its bright yellow talons, and its mesmerising stare.

End of year birding: Day 2 – Toolangi Black Forest

In the dying days of 2014, Imka and I planned¬†three birding day-trips to try to push our year’s total to 175. Based on our online research¬†and advice from other birders on the ‘Victorian Birders Facebook Group’, we decided on the following strategic outings, each of which will be covered in an independent blog post: Day…