Also-rans: 2018 birding roundup

This was perhaps one of the most memorable birding days out we have ever done: perfect weather, mindblowing vistas, and incredibly abundant and diverse wildlife.


Also-rans: 2017 birding roundup

2017 was a busy year (aren’t they always?) so I didn’t get around to writing trip reports for every bird outing. That’s not to say that we didn’t do a respectable amount of birding though, because looking back at the photos, we had some fantastic experiences! Here is my promise to you, Constant Reader: shorter…

Osprey-hunting at the Western Treatment Plant

The Western Treatment Plant never ceases to thrill birders with migrants, vagrants, and rarities. On 11 September 2015, the Victorian birding world was abuzz with the first ever report of an Eastern Osprey at ‘the Plant’, and since the birding Mecca was just a hop, skip and jump away, we were determined to try our…